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Since February 2018, I have been delighted to be the President of Orly-International. As such I have realised every day the impact of our action in favour of the attractiveness of the Orly Paris® airport area.

Thanks to the deep commitment of our team, we are now bringing together all of the region’s driving forces (recruiters, employment partners, public authorities) around a common goal : to allow you to benefit from the thousands of jobs generated by the airport platform’s dynamism.

I am even more attached to this objective as Mayor of my community of L’Haÿ-les-Roses, for which Orly Paris® represents a huge pool of jobs and great prospects for economic growth. These prospects spread well beyond Orly airport, including Icade business park, Paris-Rungis International Food Market, Paris-Saclay scientific cluster…

On the Paris Region level, my duties as Special Representative in charge of Employment, very often bring me before two contradictory testimonies: job seekers desperate to find a position and companies struggling to recruit, because of a lack of candidates.

This inacceptable situation, we have managed to tackle it here!
Located at the very heart of the airport, Orly International is an operational laboratory in permanent relation with regional players to invent local, collective solutions relying on the best of social innovation.

Our purpose: HR manager of the Orly Paris® airport area.

Our objectives: to favour the setting up of businesses by taking advantage of air connections and create bridges between the area’s employment potential and the needs analysed by recruiters from the airport and surrounding sites.
To do so, we have been developing numerous actions : real estate web marketing campaigns, large-scale events, (the Orly Paris® Real Estate Meetings, the Rendez-for Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurship award, the Rendez-Vous for employment d’Orly Paris®), jobs meetings, job discovery actions for professionals, training, analyses on the evolution of skills needs, sharing of experiences with other international airports, etc.

These missions, which require willingness and a permanent commitment, we are fortunate to carry them out with many partners, for the benefits of businesses, employment, and as close to the ground

President of Orly International,
Mayor of L’Haÿ-les-Roses
Vice-president of Paris Region
Special Representative for employment, professional training and apprenticeship

Orly International / Orly Paris®

A non-lucrative organisation, Orly International is a public / private consortium bringing together Paris Region, the counties of Val de Marne (94) and Essonne (91) and Paris Airport Group. Its aim is to mobilize mutual resources and leverage the opportunities of greater Paris development for the benefits of the inhabitants and businesses of the leading economic hub of Southern Paris region.
Orly Paris® is committed to fulfilling a twofold ambition involving 19 municipalities *:

  • Boosting the attractiveness and competitiveness of Orly Paris® airport area,
  • Improving access to jobs for local residents.

As such, Orly International has been carrying out and leading the Orly Paris® Employment Pact since 2009.

*Ablon-sur-Seine, Athis-Mons, Champlan, Chevilly-Larue, Chilly-Mazarin, Choisy-le-Roi, Fresnes, Juvisy-sur-Orge, Massy, Morangis, Orly, Paray-Vieille-Poste, Rungis, Savigny-sur-Orge, Thiais, Valenton, Villeneuve-le-Roi, Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, Wissous.

  • Project management and animation of a large network of public-private stakeholders, among which businesses that trust us (400 companies in the portfolio). In 2018, Orly Paris® accounted for 130 working groups that mobilized 900 people, representing a network of 105 partnering structures.
  • Engineering and logistics skills to relieve operators by allowing them to focus on their core business, with great flexibility of intervention (geographic scope of intervention, room for maneuverer in the deployment of actions, network of mobilizable actors).
  • Promotion of Orly Paris® airport area and creation of promotional tools towards a target of international investors,
  • Representation of the Orly Paris® airport hub, in connection with the Grand Roissy-Le Bourget hub and international airports,
  • Organization of large-scale events (business, coordinated job-dating, employment events thanks to the development of a high-performance IT solution to source and schedule large-scale meetings between recruiters and candidates),
  • Animation of training schemes (airport English),
  • Design and implementation of actions aimed at promoting access to employment and securing the professional careers of workers in the area,
  • Hosting and development of actions with the airport division of the National Employment Agency (continuous collection and dissemination of job offers from the platform)

Towards businesses:

  • Creation of an airport division for the National Employment Agency,
  • Setting up of a job-meeting digital platform to facilitate recruitment,
  • Planning and management of Provisional Management of Jobs and Skills (GPECT) program,
  • Testing and upscaling of HR solutions to meet the recruitment difficulties of companies (eg training program with Securitas, installation of job-seeking terminals in the airport)
  • HR convention to promote the area’s HR service offer and facilitate recruitment,
  • The corporate concierge to develop employee loyalty,
  • Responsible purchasing (SIAE, insertion clause),
  • The Orly Paris® Export Forum,
  • ADP business space interface,

Towards investors:

  • Orly Paris® Real Estate Meetings, analysis of land availability and the real estate market with a event to present the results,
  • The Orly Paris® brand promotion mission, promotion actions in connection with airlines (eg France America), creation of place promotion tools (website, online awareness, brochures, etc.), web marketing campaign (aimed at international and national investors),
  • AFFI Business Tours for hosting foreign delegations,
  • Presence at trade fairs (SIMI, Barcelona)
  • Contribution to international seminaries or technical exchanges on Airport area best practices (SAAIS in Beijing, Atlanta or DREAM EU program)

Towards inhabitants:

  • Orly Paris® Employment Meetings
  • Orly Paris® Entrepreneurship Meetings (an event dedicated to business creation),
  • Launching and animation of an area-based search engine on the labour market,
  • Job meetings with anonymous CV,
  • Development of Job-seeking kiosks in the terminal of the airport
  • Instant distribution of job offers from the airport to employment partners,
  • Airport English training cycles,
  • VAE advice information,
  • Development strategy for the residential economy
  • In 2018, Orly Paris® led 130 working groups that mobilized 900 people, representing a network of 105 partners
  • 4 events, 6500 visitors, 250 entrepreneurs, business creators
  • Nearly 2,160 job offers, 1,682 job meeting interviews, 6,722 recruiter / candidate matches
  • 2542 people who found a training opportunity
  • Satisfaction rate: 98% on average – Loyalty rate: 78%,
  • 150 people trained in airport English
  • Co-organization of the ARC (Airport Regional Conference) seminar on the theme of training and employability within airport areas
  • Reception of the delegations of Barcelona and Atlanta airport hubs
  • Contribution to the International Seminar of Sustainable Airport Areas in Beijing
  • Orly Paris® involvement in the DREAAM project led by a consortium of 7 European airport places

To find out more, download our latest activity report: Latest activity report (only French version)

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