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Why Orly Paris® ?

Welcome aboard the leading business hub in Southern Paris Region

Only 7 km from Paris, Orly Paris®

Bordering on the capital city, discover Orly Paris®, the leading business hub in Southern Paris Region. Take full advantage of the routes available from France’s 2nd airport, of the world’s largest fresh produce market and the many world-class business parks, as well as a major logistics hub.

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About us ?

Orly Paris ®

A business gateway opened to the World, Europe and French market

At the heart of Europe’s 1st economic region (12 million consumers), Orly Paris boasts outstanding assets for foreign businesses. Its airport and TGV station allow you to connect most European capitals and other French cities in less than 2 hours.
Orly Paris is therefore an ideal base for companies with the ambition to invest in the French market and beyond, Europe.

At Orly Paris®, we cultivate a taste for innovation thanks to 4 leading sectors

This sector employs 28,360 people at Orly airport, including 4,400 in industry. Air transport directly employs some 12,000 individuals.

Paris – Orly Airport

  • 2nd French airport
  • 33 million passengers
  • 156 flight connexions
  • 86 204 tonnes of freight
  • Air France Industries : 4,400 jobs in research manufacturing and maintenance

Paris Airport Group in a few lines

  • 2nd European airport group
  • 5th world group for passenger traffic
  • 1st European group for freight and mail

Accounting for more than one-third of wholesale commerce and 14,400 jobs in the Paris region, this industry combines the world’s largest fresh produce market, major corporations, such as Danone (world leader in fresh dairy products), many training and research organisations, including the historic ENVA, a veterinary school, and a centre of excellence in food research called Nutripôle.

Rungis international market

  • World’s no. 1 fresh produce market
  • 18 million consumers within 150 km of Paris
  • Over 1,200 established companies
  • Area : 232 hectares

Logistics has become a major aspect of companies’ development strategies. The airport, train service (including the MIN rail terminal) and road network (A10 and A86) have all made Orly Paris more attractive for storage, transport and logistics needs. Logistics services employ 42,000 people in the areas of transport and wholesale commerce.


  • 200,000 sq.m of warehouses, offices and docks

Sogaris, plate-forme logistique

Une spécialisation pour la logistique urbaine, « logistique du dernier kilomètre

  • 37 hectares
  • 23 million tonnes of freight per year

Orly Paris stands at the crossroads of the major scientific centres in southern Paris:

  • In the heart of the “ Paris Biotech Valley “, a network of expertise that ranges from the major hospital facilities on Paris’s left bank, through the Evry Genopole® biotech park), to Cancer Campus®.
  • In close partnership with Saclay Plateau, an area with a large concentration of major European-quality facilities used by government and private researchers in all disciplines.
  • Backed by the major private research centres in Seine-Amont, such as Sanofi and L’Oréal.


Paris Saclay cluster

  • 8th scientific and technological cluster in the world
  • 15,000 researchers
  • 65,000 students
  • 2 universities / 9 higher education institutes / 7 research organizations

GENOPOLE® – Evry-Corbeil

  • 67 biotech companies
  • 21 academic research labs
  • 17 shared platforms and facilities

Projects of tomorrow


A 450 million euros investment project in Orly Paris®.

  • A new urban space
  • New facilities to make travelling easier
  • A new jonction hall for a better welcome


A 65 million euros investment project on Orly Paris®.

By 2019, the Cité de la Gastronomie of Paris-Rungis will be deployed over 7.5 hectares bordering the MIN (Wholesale Market of National Interest) :

At the heart of Orly Paris®, it involves the creation of a real gastronomic district including a place dedicated to culinary pleasure.

It was UNESCO’s inclusion in November 2010 of the “French gastronomic meal” on the list of the world intangible cultural heritage that started the process.


  • A central cultural facility of 20,000 m² including :
  • an interpretation center with media library, exhibition space and gastronomic laboratory
  • educational and taste workshops (Paris-Rungis workshops)
  • a convention center with a 1,200-seat auditorium
  • A 7,000 m² exhibition hall
  • A Hall of gastronomic treasures of 5000 m²

selling very specific products to individuals (delicatessen, local specialities, etc.) and where you can taste them on the spot

  • Restaurants, bars and brasseries including three gourmet restaurants
  • Training centers (CFA, hotel school, catering school)
  • A hotel residence
  • Gardens
  • The Creation of educational gastronomy gardens

opened by horticultural and landscape schools and open to the public could be set up, in partnership with the king’s vegetable garden and the landscape school of Versailles, as well as the Tecomah school of Jouy-en-Josas


The Grand Paris Express : a stratégic project for the future of Paris Region

Orly Paris anchors an area surrounded by regions where more than two million people live and work. Major infrastructure projects, some currently underway, will create the southern Paris region’s commercial crossroads of the future

  • 2 new lines bringing the territory closer to economic centers

Extension of line 14 to Paris

Line 18 opens to the Saclay Plateau

  • 6 new rail stations
  • Reduced travel times

Between Gare de Lyon and Orly airport: 22 minutes

Between Orly Airport and Saint-Denis Pleyel: 37 minutes

Between Orly Airport and the Saclay Plateau: 15 minutes

  • Estimated number of passengers: 147,000 / hour

The Grand paris Express project calls for the creation of a new orbital metro line. It will feature 1 train every 90 seconds. By serving existing or planned employment areas, this new metro will help to make other growth areas in the capital region even more accessible from Orly paris®, including in particular the Saclay plateau


A 450 million euros investment on Orly Paris®. The business class eco-district of Orly Paris®

Coeur d ‘Orly is a 130 hectares urban program whose spirit is based on quality of life, combined with low-consuming and intelligent management of buildings. It offers a new face to business districts while enhancing the economic potential of Orly Paris®: endowed with exceptional assets, it constitutes a new living space.


  • 70,000 m2 of offices
  • 41,000 m2 of shops
  • 1 congress center
  • 4 hotels
  • 1,750 parking spaces
  • Personal and business services
  • An organic market
  • Green spaces

Cœur d’Orly will be a true lively and attractive district that is part of the development of Greater Paris, creating jobs and new economic, social and commercial dynamics and promoting the regeneration of the urban fabric throughout the cluster and its surroundings.

The exceptional assets of Coeur d’Orly,

  • Multimodality
  • Eco-responsibility
  • Urbanity
  • Life quality